Balancing Personalization and Automation in your Workflows

Back-end business automation can be a touchy subject. One of the most common concerns I hear from my clients about automating a client workflow is that, by doing so, you will lose the personal touch that brought your client to you in the first place.

But it’s not about becoming robotic and repetitive. It’s about automating the pieces that make sense, while still preserving a human element. What may feel robotic or repetitive for you is brand new for your clients. That inquiry response you’re sending ten times a week? Your client will only ever see it once. While canned emails and templates can feel impersonal, the way you use them - and the key processes they work within - actually add up to a better client experience.

Automation does two things. It saves time by cutting down on repetitive tasks and it ensures that every client receives the same high level of service at the right time in the process.

But it all comes down to balance….

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Annie McCarty