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Have you ever gotten a great review on Facebook? The kind that makes your heart swell with pride and your eyes well up with tears? 

“We LOVED our wedding photos from ABC Photography! She told our love story so well and captured all the moments that made our day special. We love looking through the photos and reliving each and every detail, because the day goes by so fast! We will truly treasure these images forever.”

Aren’t reviews like that the best? They make all the hard days totally worth it. Until you keep reading and see...

“But… it seemed like she was always so busy and sometimes she wasn’t responsive to emails. It ended up causing us stress throughout the process because we had questions that needed her insight, and it seemed like sometimes she was unreachable… the photos were great though!”

Here’s the thing, friend… you don’t need help with your craft. You’re already a rockstar at what you do. But all of that work, all of the time you spent perfecting the end product, it’s all going to be lost if your clients don’t have a great experience with you.

That review? It happened. It’s real. ABC Photography (name has been changed, obvi) came to me after she got that review because she knew that if she didn’t spend time on her client experience now, it would tarnish all the good work she was doing. She knew that she wasn’t serving her clients in the way they needed to be served.

And ultimately, she knew that her earning potential would be limited, because without a high-touch, high-quality client experience, she could never position herself as the high-end, luxury brand that she wanted to be.

But it doesn’t have to be this way… you CAN serve your clients well, without it costing you your precious time, or your sanity. You just need a foundation of simple, effective business systems that are fully optimized with both you and your clients’ interests in mind…




a 4-Step Framework to Optimize your Systems


audit of your current systems

First things first, we’ll kick off the process with an intake form so that I can gain a full understanding of your business infrastructure.

You’ll tell me...

  • What systems you’re using

  • How they’re are currently running

  • Where you spend the most time in backend administrative work

  • How you want your systems to serve your clients

  • How you want your systems to serve YOU

...and you’ll (securely and safely) give me access to all of your backend tools so I can take a good look around.


recommendations + kickoff call

Once I’ve had a chance to take a tour of your systems, I’ll formulate my recommendations. These recommendations will draw from my experience having built business systems for more than 50 clients, as well as what I know to be best practice in client experience and operations automation. Then we’ll pow-wow together on a kickoff call.

During our conversation, we’ll decide on the best course of action to help you do more in LESS TIME with LESS EFFORT - while also giving your clients the elevated, high-quality, high-touch experience that they’re craving.

Together we’ll devise a plan to...

  • Create a virtual Headquarters for your business

  • Automate as much as possible, while infusing your personal touch

  • Make sure your clients flow through your system seamlessly, and with extra care

  • Simply and effectively manage small, large, and recurring projects

  • Most importantly - save you sweet, sweet time


Workflow Set-Up

After our call, I’ll get to work!

The actual deliverables will vary from client to client, but the things I could handle for you include:

  • Automating your Dubsado / Honeybook workflows

  • Setting up an onboarding sequence that WOWs your clients

  • Automating your scheduling with Acuity

  • Implementing a client tracking system in Asana

  • Setting up a project management system in Asana

  • and more! completely customized to YOUR business



Once I’ve tweaked and mapped and flowed and synced, your systems will be fully optimized and we’ll connect again for an in-depth training session.

I’ll show you…

  • How to actually use everything that I’ve set up for you

  • How to make changes later on, as your business evolves

  • and more than likely, a few extra tricks and hacks to make your life easier along the way!


 When we’re finished, you’ll have a foundation of efficient business systems that are optimized to support your clients at the highest level, on autopilot.



No two businesses are the same and no two systems are the same. Your Workflow in a Week project will be completely customized to fit your specific needs, and could range from $1497 to $2497.

After an initial discovery call to discuss your business, operations, and systems needs in more detail, I’ll provide a proposal to include the specific deliverables and details of your investment.


To get your time back. To automate your operations. To serve your clients at the highest level.