Dubsado Setup

Oh, Dubsado. This little unicorn of a tool is at the heart of every creative professional’s sanity. And I’ve made myself a total boss in helping you get the very most out of it. Because I. Love. Automation.

You’ve already made the decision to buy-in to this new system for your business, but until you take the time to put thought into the strategy, and then implement that strategy into your setup, that’s all it really is - an off-the-shelf system.

I’ll help you understand it, I’ll do the heavy lifting for you and set it up so that it serves your clients better (on autopilot!), and ultimately, I’ll help you finally use it to its full potential, to better and more efficiently manage your business.

I’ll be upfront with what this system implementation is not: It will NOT be you providing me your current contracts and pricing sheets and email templates and me just dumping them into the system for you and calling it a day. It WILL be a full-fledged workflow that I build around each of your existing pieces while I work to optimize every single touchpoint that you have with your clients. When potentials drop into your inbox, they’re reaction at your AUTOMATED RESPONSE will be, “Damn, this person is LEGIT. I HAVE to work with them!” And after their experience with you, they’ll shout your praises from the rooftops because of how easy and enjoyable YOU made their process.

Starting at $1,050 for a full setup, quoted per project
*please note: I take a very limited number of these clients so that I can dedicate my full attention to each one; this package is currently booking into March 2019


Business Operations Management

You’ve worked your tail off to build your business into something that you’re really proud of, and you KNOW you have so much more to offer, but the STUFF. The boring (yet critically important) business-running stuff - it’s getting in the way of your creative flow and your growth.

It’s also keeping you from being able to step away, recharge, and focus on the you that isn’t tied to your business. You’re ready to put some of your hard-earned cash up for some reliable help - because time is money.

Welp - you're in the right place. To me, business operations is more than just "customer service" or "project management." It’s deep care for your clients and relationship management that is an extension of everything your brand stands for. It's finding smarter ways to work, and better ways to streamline your systems. And ultimately, it's supporting YOU and advocating for you and your time in the process.

I’m a “yeah, I’ll do that” sort of person and can help you tackle everything from inbox management to requests for quotes. I’ll welcome and onboard your clients, secure deposits and payments, write your blogs, manage your social media accounts, or pour into your community.

Whatever your need, my team and I are here to help. We'll do it with a smile, a little grit, and a promise to represent your business for everything you have already built. And together, we’ll watch your business grow.

Starting at $600/month, quoted per client