You’re the industry leader that others look up to. You’re booked out (or close to it!) with dreamy clients, and you’ve built a brand and a business that is regarded as one of the very best in your field.

But behind-the-scenes, you’re drowning… Some days, you’re checking things off your list left and right and you’re feeling on top of the world! But some days, you wish you could spend less time buried in “office” work, more time being the creative you set out to be, and less time stuck behind a desk.

So let me ask you a question, how much time each day do you spend working on low-ROI tasks? Things like scheduling, invoicing, creating your blog + social media content, and caring for your clients. Now, let me ask you another question, how much time each day do you spend working on high-ROI tasks? Things like networking, prospecting, refining your systems + client experience, and creating high-value content to attract more of the clients you love working with?

You’ve built an incredibly successful business - it’s time to scale. Let’s get the low-ROI tasks off your plate once and for all! Expanding your team and outsourcing things like your marketing or your client care (or both!) so that you have the time and space to be the leader of your business, to be the creative behind your business, and to live your life!

7 Things a VA can take off your plate:

  1. Filtering your inbox, so you see ONLY those emails that require your attention.

  2. Caring for your clients, acting as a front-facing client service department.

  3. Handling administrative or repetitive business tasks, like sending quotes, invoices, and follow-ups.

  4. Setting up tools and systems so your business runs more efficiently.

  5. Writing and publishing blog content consistently.

  6. Creating and scheduling social media content consistently.

  7. Engaging with followers on your social media pages.