You took the leap, you dove into this creative space headfirst, you have a unique talent to share, and all you want to do is BE THE CREATIVE.

The backend biz stuff, while it's important, is totally not your jam.

But, we still need to talk about it, right? We still need to have a process for what happens - and when - each time a new client drops into your inbox. Because their expectations are high, and when they're ready to take action, they need information quickly, and they want the process to be simple. It's your job to deliver that too, in addition to the awesome creative service you provide.

But it doesn't have to be hard…

Spending a bit of time now to map out your workflow will SAVE you time later on. When you have a clear plan for what needs to happen, at what point in the process, you eliminate decision fatigue. You won't need to think about what happens next because your workflow tells you (or handles it on autopilot for you!). And when you're ready to bring on an assistant, it will easy-peasy to onboard your dream team member.