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Dubsado Strategy + Setup

You’ve already made the decision to buy-in to Dubsado as the sanity-saver for your business, which is a top-notch choice! But off-the-shelf, it’s just another tool in your toolkit. Until you take the time to put thought into your client communication strategy and overall client experience, and then implement that strategy into your Dubsado setup, that’s all it really is - just another tool.

We want to help you maximize the potential of this super tool for your business. We’ll help you understand it inside and out, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you and set it up so that it serves your clients better (on autopilot!), and ultimately, we’ll help you finally use it to its full potential, to better and more efficiently manage your business.


Our promise to you:

When you work with the Efficiently Annie team, we’ll help you map out a full-fledged, start to finish, soup to nuts workflow for your client process. We’ll help you optimize every single touchpoint that you have with your clients so that after their experience with you, they’ll shout your praises from the rooftops because of how easy and enjoyable YOU made their experience.



Week 1: Process Mapping Questionnaire, Project Planning, + Kickoff Call

Weeks 2-3: Setting up the Inquiry Response, Nurture, + Booking Processes

Weeks 4-5: Setting up the Onboarding, Planning, + Offboarding Processes

Week 6-7: Final Approvals + Training

Week 8: Email Support





Full Dubsado Setup

Projects start at $1,800 for a full setup. Each project is different and requires a different level of effort, so the price will vary. Generally speaking, your project price will be dependent on how many workflows you’ll need, the features we’ll be implementing, etc. We’ll start with a phone call to assess your needs and how I can help, then I’ll send you a scope of work + quote for your Dubsado setup project.