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Ongoing business management

You’ve found yourself here today feeling buried and exhausted from all the working + managing + people-ing you do for your business every day. You want to keep growing your business, but you also want relief from your unintended, 24/7 work schedule. And you realize you can’t do it alone anymore.

Before you can find the perfect partner to swoop in and relieve you, there’s work to be done. Onboarding for the long-haul means you’ll need a clear understanding of exactly what you’re looking for - beyond just the to-do’s your new-hire will handle.

Documented processes? Sure, you should have those! Organized and prioritized Asana boards? Yep, definitely recommend that. Super-skilled collaborator? MOST IMPORTANT.


Because that’s the missing piece that no one talks about — you have to hire the person that cares as much about your business (and your clients) as you do. Beyond skillsets and documented workflows you have to find compatibility, passion, and commitment.

And to do that, you have to be fully aware of how your business functions behind-the-scenes, what your core values are and what the company culture is that you want to emulate, how your clients need you to show up for them and serve them well, and where your own weaknesses are inhibiting your progress. Having someone who really gets it - who can come alongside you and understand the foundation of your business, your clients’ expectations, and the passion that drives you - that is going to make the difference.

I know that right now, all of that probably sounds great in theory. But you’re probably wondering, how will it actually work for me + my business? Brianne is here to share her experience…



Diving headfirst into other people’s businesses is what I’m all about. For me, there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than helping other creative founders organize their operations, connect with their clients on a deeper and more meaningful level, and build a community around their mission.

Maybe you’re hoping to level up. You might want to scale your services or expand your capacity. Maybe you just want some relief from #allthethings that weigh you down. I’m here to help. 

My monthly 1:1 services are currently full. But keep reading…



VA for a day

Hiring a partner for your business is a massive opportunity that can be a game-changer for your growth, impact, and, I’ll say it, BOTTOM LINE PROFIT.

But maybe you’re not ready to commit to hiring for the long-term. Maybe you have a few to-do’s that have been on your list for far too long. Or maybe you just need to clear a few things off your plate so that you have room to breathe and refocus.

Either way, hiring me as your VA for a Day could be just the thing you need to help you clear the hurdle and make some much-needed progress in your business, right now.

I can help you audit your client experience, set up a workflow, create your welcome packet, tackle a project, chat about hiring long-term help… and more.





Ongoing Business Management

Retainers starting at $800 per month, quoted based on anticipated scope of work and client needs. We’ll start with a phone call to assess your needs and whether I’m a good fit to support you, and if I am, I’ll provide a quote for monthly ongoing services.

VA for a Day

Packages starting at $400 for a strategy call + half-day (up to 4 hours) of task-focused business support. We’ll start with a phone call to assess your needs and how I can help, then I’ll send you a scope of work + quote for your VA for a Day project.