Nice to "meet" you!


This is me and my crazy little family. My husband and I live on 2 acres of land in a super rural part of Pennsylvania with our very spirited pup, Greta. By day, I'm an Online Business Manager for some pretty kick butt creative business owners. And by night, my husband and I frequent breweries near and far, listen to a LOT of music, and spend some serious QT snugglin' the pup and binging on Netflix.

Fun Facts

  • We LOVE bluegrass. Like, really really love it. We bought a camper in the fall of 2017 and are super excited to road trip to festivals all summer long - everywhere from Colorado to Wisconsin to upstate New York and Maryland. Can I get some praise hands for that #workfromanywhere life?!
  • Pants with buttons are against my religion (I'm kidding, kind of...). But really, the day I left cubicle land I donated all of my suits and have lived in yoga pants, concert tees and beanies ever since. I buy a record, a tee and a sticker at every (literally EVERY) show we go to so at this point, I've got a pretty serious wardrobe (and a Subaru covered in stickers). My husband thinks it's an addiction... I call it commitment.
  • I don't like cheese but I LOVE pizza. I know, it's weird. 

Street Cred

I've got it. 10 years of corporate marketing experience, a Masters in Business + Project Management, and now years of helping creative and small-medium sized businesses grow + scale + flourish. (totally not bragging - just want you to know that I'm well-equipped to help you rock your creative business!)

Wanna Work Together?

I'd love to be the partner that helps you finally embrace the role of creative CEO. Together, we can implement processes, map workflows, seriously elevate the client experience, and organize #allthethings so that your business runs more efficiently. 

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